Open Targets at BioData World West 2018

Life at Open Targets Feb 28, 2018

The journey into drug discovery is not for the faint-hearted.

From the very start when we develop an idea, or therapeutic hypothesis, to the very end, when the drug is ready to reach a patient, the sinuous path is characterised by:

  • long lengths of time (it can take up to 15 years)
  • huge sums of money (millions of British pounds)
  • massive rates of attrition (drug like compounds get dropped out)
  • abysmal rates of success (the overall clinical success rate is 11%)


We can (and should) improve the odds of drug discovery, and this is at the very heart of our Open Targets vision.

  • Can we harness the power of biodata for drug development?

  • Can we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to explore the multitude of omic data, to predict success of a clinical trial?

Come to the BioData World West 2018 to talk to us about this and much more.

But, before the conference

We have teamed up with our colleagues from GSK to run two training sessions, a workshop and a datathon, in San Francisco on the 12th March.

In our workshop, you will be introduced to the [Open Targets Platform]( and its REST API. You will get hands-on experience exploring gene-disease relationships to prioritise potential drug targets. The workshop is suitable for all technical backgrounds.

If (and only if) you have a data science background, scripting skills and/or experience on building prediction models, you can consider joining us in our datathon to explore methods for using genomic and gene-disease data sources to predict drug development success.

Register to both conference and pre-conference workshops now.

"Why should I attend your upcoming training?"

If any of the following scenarios is up your street, yes, you ought to attend one of our training sessions:

  • Having hands-on experience with our public and proprietary data sets

  • Learning more about predicting clinical trial success

  • Meeting like minded data scientists from industry and academia

  • Working collaboratively on a challenging problem

  • Having an extra day to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Spending a wee bit longer in Silicon Valley, for those of us more on the geeky side of San Francisco


If you want to discuss these training sessions further or get more details, email us.