Open Targets Platform: release 19.02 is out

Release Notes Feb 20, 2019

We have just released the latest version of the Open Targets Platform, release 19.02.

Targets Diseases Evidence Associations
28,426 10,183 7,202,084 3,147,934

New evidence

We have 11% more evidence in release 19.02 when compared to 18.12.

New evidence can lead to two major outcomes:

  • strengthen our target-disease associations
  • reveal new target-disease associations

Let's look at AKR1B1 and ANTXR1 as examples of targets with associations that were strengthened with new evidence in release 19.02.

Up to 18.12, the evidence to associate AKR1B1 with ovarian carcinoma was based on literature only, whereas the evidence to link ANTXR1 with the same disease was solely based on differential mRNA expression.

With new data from the Cancer Gene Census, we now can use somatic mutation evidence to increase the confidence on the association between AKR1B1 (or ANTXR1) and ovarian carcinoma.


New evidence also means brand new associations; some of these are observed for targets and diseases that were not reported before in the Open Targets Platform.

We now have 130 new diseases (or phenotypic traits), such as chronic central serous retinopathy, and its associations, and 40 new targets, such as CCDC43, associated with colorectal carcinoma and neoplasm.


Get to know CCDC43 located on human chromosome 17, now available in the Open Targets Platform.

User design and usability

In addition to working on our release 19.02, we have also been looking into the future of our Open Targets Platform, focusing on some of the new data and visualisations that are coming up.

This is a list of the exciting features we have started exploring:

  • new sumary dashboard for target annotations in our target profile page
  • new data source for Pathways & systems biology
  • new safety data in our prioritistation view

New features are always great news, but we need your help to develop an Open Targets Platform that is easy to use, intuitive and that meets your needs!

Why not visit our UX Open Targets Survey, have a sneak preview of our new safety data in the prioritisation view and target profile page, and share your comments on these new developments?


Visit our priorisitation view and share your thoughts with us using our survey.

Any questions? Get in touch by email.

New Open Targets Platform paper

Did you notice we had a new publication on the Open Targets Platform? If not, check Open Targets Platform: new developments and updates two years on.

And if you wonder how you can cite us when you write up your own publications, wonder no longer.


And last but definitely not least we have also fixed some bugs here and there in the UI, including a bug in the Your target list filtering option.

Check our short animation below to see how you can apply this filter and the expected results.


In this GIF animation, we have a list of seven targets in Alzheimer's disease that we use to upload it to the associations page of and filter the total number of targets from 5581 down to our seven targets.

Give Your target list a go, and if you spot any oddities or need help, get in touch.