Open Targets Platform: our December release — 17.12 — is out!

Release Notes Dec 8, 2017

We have just released the latest version of the Open Targets Platform, release 17.12.

Why not start exploring it now before you break up for the festive season?

Data statistics

targets diseases evidence associations
20,633 9,294 5,784,597 2,261,782

All you want to know about a drug and was afraid to ask

If you are looking for a single place where you can learn all about a drug, look no further. We now have a drug profile page for you.

You will find the:

  • Molecular type
  • First date of approval
  • Mechanism of action
  • Target genes and diseases
  • Top adverse effects

How can you get there? These are some ideas:

  • Get a ChEMBL ID and paste it in the URL

  • Run the batch search tool and check the Drugs section in the results page

  • Browse the evidence for a target-disease association, such as IL13 in asthma

  • Explore the profile page for a target (e.g IL13) or a disease (e.g. asthma)

Can you find other ways to get to this dedicated page for our drugs?

Would you like to suggest alternatives on how to get there?

Let us know on Twitter.

New functionality in our tables

You can now filter the data tables to focus on a type of genetic variant (e.g. missense, stop gained), clinical significance (e.g. pathogenic, deleterious), clinical phase (e.g. phase IV) and much more.

New data: mouse phenotypes and the latest cancer targets

We not only use animal models as a data source for target-disease associations, we now also list the phenotypes for every mouse gene, which has a human orthologue.

We get this data from PhenoDigm and add links to MGI and the relevant publications, so that you can explore more.

In this release, we also include new cancer genes, which have strong indication of a role in the disease, but where extensive evidence is yet to be established. These are known as tier 2 genes. Check the COSMIC news for more details on their new tier system.

New REST API documentation

For our API aficionados, head to our new Open Targets Platform REST API (v3.0.1) page to find:

  • GET and POST methods
  • JSON supported format (plus many others)
  • API specification and Apache2.0 license

And if you have not tried our REST API yet, give it a go. You do not need to know how to code. It's that simple.

Other updates

Check our release notes for more details and email us if you want to know more.